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"Research filming goes beyond words, resonating deeply with viewers. Seeing participants firsthand amplifies their message. With drone footage showcasing scale, research filming transforms findings into compelling narratives."

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Research Filming

In a rapidly evolving research landscape, utilising research filming to convey findings is essential across all sectors. Research filming transforms complex data into engaging narratives that resonate more effectively than traditional reports.


For private sector innovations, public sector policies, and third sector causes, research filming vividly brings insights to life.


The research filming approach doesn't just present information; it tells a story that compels action and broadens impact, making it a powerful tool for conveying research in a memorable way.

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Research Filming Projects

Culture Dive

For audiences looking to learn more from your recruitment video, in detail and depth, to understand the culture, work, values and vision of your organisation.

Brief Insight

A fast-paced and energetic recruitment video, taking a quick peek in your organisation, useful for hooking audiences with a brief insight of your people, values and vision.

Landing Pages

Designed for your home or other key pages to bolster your recruitment, giving audiences a flavour of the happy, energetic and inclusive culture of your organisation.

Research Filming Pricing

*This guide provides an estimate of potential costs of Research Filming based on typical project scales and scopes. For precise Research Filming costings tailored to your specific project requirements, we recommend providing detailed information during our consultation. Costs generally fall within the range of £2500.00 - £5500.00.

MEL Research | Research Filming

Why have Research Filming?

Visual Storytelling

Research filming brings research findings to life in a way that text cannot, providing a dynamic platform for presenting real people, settings, and scenarios. This visual medium enhances the narrative, making complex information accessible and engaging, thus bridging the gap between academic research and public understanding.

Enhanced Comprehension

Research filming leverage visuals and audio to break down complex research data, making it easier for diverse audiences to grasp. By incorporating elements such as charts, graphs, and interviews, Research filming transform abstract concepts into tangible, understandable content that enhances viewer comprehension and retention.

Wider Accessibility

The power of Research filming lies in its ability to be distributed across various platforms, reaching a broader audience. From academic conferences to social media channels, Research filming can traverse traditional and digital realms, making your findings accessible to an international audience beyond the academic community.

Emotional Engagement

Research filming captures the human side of research stories, especially when highlighting the experiences of underrepresented or disadvantaged communities. Research filming fosters an emotional connection, drawing viewers closer to the subject matter and encouraging empathy and understanding, which can drive action and change.

Innovative Perspectives

Utilising both drone and ground-level footage, Research filming can showcase research projects from unique angles, offering insights into the scale, environment, and impact of studies. This approach not only captivates viewers but also provides a comprehensive understanding of research landscapes and subjects..

Strategic Dissemination

In today's digital age, Research filming is an essential component of any research dissemination strategy. Research filming serves as a versatile and compelling tool for sharing findings with a wider audience, ensuring that key messages are not only seen but also felt and remembered, thereby maximising the impact of the research.

Key Issues Highlighted

Through the Research filming visual medium, researchers can effectively highlight key themes and critical issues identified in their studies. Research filming can draw attention to specific challenges, solutions, or insights, engaging viewers in a way that prompts discussion, reflection, and, ultimately, action.

What an employer brand video client in the Research sector says

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"Working with TQ has been a fantastic experience. Terry and James provided a significant degree of face-to-face contact and time, which has been really valuable in ensuring that the final outputs are aligned with the story we wanted to tell about MEL Research. On-site, Terry was professional and put the team, some of whom were nervous about being filmed, at ease. The team at TQ really 'got' what MEL Research is about and we are looking forward to working with them again for any future requirements."

Client Solutions Director, MEL Research

What value does Research Filming add to Research companies projects?

Humanises research data in ways words can't

Research filming services breathe life into raw data, translating statistics and numbers into relatable human experiences. Through visual storytelling, these services infuse emotion, context, and authenticity into the data, fostering deeper connections and understanding among stakeholders. By capturing real-life interactions and behaviors on film, research companies humanise data, making it more meaningful and impactful for decision-makers.

Enhances storytelling by visually depicting research findings

Research filming services leverage the power of visuals to tell compelling stories that resonate with stakeholders. By incorporating video footage, images, and animations, research filming bring research findings to life, creating immersive narratives that engage and captivate audiences. Visual storytelling enhances the clarity and memorability of key insights, making complex data more accessible and actionable for clients.

Increases engagement with stakeholders in a more dynamic way as opposed to just words

Research filming services drive greater stakeholder engagement by offering dynamic and interactive experiences that go beyond traditional communication methods. Through multimedia presentations, virtual tours, and interactive dashboards, these services immerse stakeholders in the research process, encouraging active participation and dialogue. By fostering a collaborative environment, research filming services ensure that stakeholders are fully engaged and invested in the research outcomes.

Authenticates findings and opinions as opposed to trusting someone ticking boxes on a survey

Research filming services provide authentic and unfiltered insights into participant experiences and opinions, offering a more trustworthy alternative to traditional survey methods. By capturing real-time interactions and reactions on film, these services validate the credibility of research findings, eliminating doubts and uncertainties. Stakeholders can trust that the insights presented are based on genuine audience feedback and observations, rather than subjective interpretations or biases.

Message goes a lot further and resonates when stakeholders hear it directly from the audience

Research filming services amplify the impact of research findings by allowing stakeholders to hear directly from the audience themselves. Through participant interviews, testimonials, and focus group discussions captured on film, these services provide firsthand accounts of audience perspectives and experiences. This direct engagement with the audience adds credibility and authenticity to the research findings, making the message more persuasive and resonant for stakeholders.

Visual representation simplifies complex data

Research filming services simplify complex data by presenting it visually in a format that is easy to understand and interpret. Through charts, graphs, and infographics, these services distill key insights into clear and concise visuals, facilitating quicker comprehension and decision-making. Visual representation simplifies complex concepts, enabling stakeholders to grasp the significance of the research findings with ease.

Accelerates decision-making by presenting data in a compelling and accessible format.

Research filming services accelerate decision-making by presenting data in a compelling and accessible format that inspires action. Through dynamic presentations, interactive reports, and multimedia content, these services make research findings more engaging and impactful for stakeholders. By combining data-driven insights with persuasive storytelling, research filming services empower decision-makers to make informed choices with confidence and conviction.

What Research staff say about our work

This looks so good!

Love it, love it, love it

That's fantastic

wow!  it's amazing

So professional

this is a fantastic video

This is really good

this is class! Great work all

What our Research filming services involve

Research Filming Customisation

Our research filming service starts by thoroughly understanding your project's objectives, audience, and key messages. We tailor every aspect of the research filming process to align with your specific study's needs, ensuring the final video accurately reflects your research goals and findings. This customisation is vital for research filming, making complex data relatable and understandable.

Strategic Research Filming Development

In developing your research filming strategy, we incorporate detailed planning, from scripting to visual storyboarding. This strategic phase ensures that your research filming content highlights the core findings and insights, making the intricate details of your research accessible and engaging through visual storytelling. Our approach to research filming is designed to maximise the impact of your findings.

Professional Research Filming Sessions

For genuine and authentic research videos, our professional on-site research filming sessions are essential. Directed by experts in research filming, these sessions capture the essence of your study, from participant testimonials to the research environment, providing a raw and authentic glimpse into the heart of your project. This step in research filming is crucial for conveying the real-world implications of your research

Expert Research Filming Direction

Our research filming process is guided by expert direction to ensure the highest quality and authenticity. From the initial planning to the final edits, our team is dedicated to producing research filming content that stands out for its clarity, credibility, and impact. This meticulous attention to detail in research filming highlights the significance and application of your research in a visually compelling manner.

High-Quality Research Filming Production

High-quality production values are the backbone of our research filming services. We combine technical expertise with creative vision to produce research films that are not only visually stunning but also deeply informative. This focus on high-quality research filming ensures that your project is presented in the best possible light, enhancing its visibility and impact.

Engaging Research Filming Content

Engagement is at the heart of our research filming strategy. We create videos that not only inform but also captivate and inspire the audience. By employing dynamic storytelling and visual techniques in research filming, we ensure that your key findings and messages are not just seen but felt, fostering a deeper connection with the viewer

Research Filming for Maximum Impact

The ultimate goal of our research filming service is to amplify the reach and impact of your research. Through strategic dissemination and high-quality production, our research films are designed to capture the audience's attention and drive home the importance of your findings. In every phase of research filming, we strive to make your study accessible, engaging, and influential.


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