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I get asked a lot of questions about music videos. Often, the people we work with rarely need any convincing that music videos are important, but more ask questions like 'why should I listen to you', 'why should I pay you', 'are music videos worth the investment?', and 'how does TQ Entertainment add value?'. 

So, we decided to challenge ourselves to state 20 reasons why we at TQ Entertainment are the people you need to drive growth, elevate your brand and music, and support you in sending your message.

1/ Look at our values. We’ve been in your shoes, and have similar challenges ahead, being young, driven, and ambitious people looking to be successful. First and foremost is our empathy. We get you. We understand and feel what it’s like. 

2/ Our music video combined with advertising and promotion service, means that we don’t just make videos. We make videos, that are applied to promotion plans, to drive growth. To reach the heights of live shows, you need record labels, to reach the record labels, you need brand exposure, to generate brand exposure, you need a music video. Music videos are the perfect tool to do so. 


So, our videos generate brand exposure, so you get the following 


A) the record labels see your work 

B) you build a base of loyal fans/followers 

C) more people know who you are 

D) your music is listened to by more audiences 


This is what we think about. 


3/ This brand exposure is what recognises the attention of big record labels, which leads on to live performances at shows. This is what generates high income. 


4/ We’re growth focused. Every video is part of a growth strategy, and we track every corner of the video, social media, and Spotify analytics to ensure we’re consistently growing. 


5/ We enable and empower our clients to express their creativity, on their own terms, under their own spotlight. Join us, and the spotlight is on you 


6/ Our videos speak for themselves. Don’t take our word for it, watch our work. As you’ll see, we make some pretty good videos. 


7/ We want to develop long term relationships, not just make a video for you every now and then. Long term relationships are the best way to deliver serious, long term and sustainable growth. 


8/ We think strategically. Our formula is unearthed creativity + emotive promoting = commercial growth. In essence, this means be widely creative, promote you and your work emotively, and that will generate brand exposure, to be converted to income. 


9/ We won’t charge extortionate prices of the big companies do. You’d be surprised at how high quality a music video can be on a considerably low budget. We get where young artists are at. Every project is bespoke; therefore, costs are tailored to what our clients want to spend. We can also spread payments out to alleviate any strain. 


10 / By posting on YouTube, you'll generate YouTube ad income, as well as the attention of millions/billions of people 


11/ Music Video > Record Labels > Live shows: the third part of that journey is where the real money and brand exposure is generated


12/ This brand exposure will drive and encourage social media followers, likes and engagement growth, to amplify your brand 

13/ A music video legitimises and artist – fans will engage with you more, and your music will be exposed to record labels who will take you seriously 

14/ Drive traffic to Spotify and increase followers and listens – the more followers and listens, the more attractive to new listeners 


15/ We have people dedicated to delivering creatively astonishing content, and commercially able people to drive a strategy forward that will generate brand exposure and deliver trackable and noticeable deliver growth – demonstrate this to clients 

16/ Where are the big companies? Are they approaching you? We’re here to help the next generation of artists to build their brand, grow their following, generate income, and generate exposure to record labels and the public 


17/ Coming to a smaller business like us rather than a giant, means you get empathy. We’ve been there, we’ve struggled, we know how it feels to be battling against the odds, and amongst the harshness of today’s social media, we want to empower brands to send their message, under their own spotlight, and on their own teams, just like we have done and are doing.


18/ Every video is bespoke, and we tailor our creativity and costs to meet individual needs, goals, and ambitions. No two projects are the same, and they are given the care and attention of a small company, whilst having access to industry-leading creative innovation and skill. Content is designed specifically, and through our content strategy, which goes above and beyond just your music video, means that we maximise brand exposure to ensure the potential of your project is reached.


19/ We enable our artists the opportunity to send their message through their video content. You will be able to tell you story, unleash your emotions, visions, and thoughts into the aesthetics of the video. 


20/ You are involved in the process, consulted on decisions when it comes to the design, development, and execution of your video. It’s entirely bespoke, we will take your word and collaborate ideas to bring the very best potential from the video. You tell us exactly what you want, and we’ll line up with your vision, because that is what matters. 

Need I go on? As important as these points are, a big part of the equation is down to you. Our most successful clients have serious drive, relentless determination and proper dedication.

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