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A bit about us

James and Terry are very different people. James is commercially-focused, with an eye on generating strong ROI for our clients, whereas Terry is dedicated to engaging audiences, triggering emotional response and communicating messages through video.

This diversity means that together, they are able to deliver far greater outcomes, blending the precision of commercial focus with the creativity of emotional engagement.

In an era where video fast becoming the most prominent and effective way to communicate with audiences, our focus is to create content that fits in line with our client's wider goals and objectives, is customised to suit their audience to the t, and designed to trigger a specific response or reaction.

Our creative formula is blending immersive narrative with powerful aesthetics to immerse people in your story.


We enable our clients  the opportunity and freedom to express their creativity, regardless of their wealth, age, market position or background.


Our content is created in mind of the net result our clients are trying to achieve. We are categorically focused on driving palpable results.


 Creative freedom is paramount to our work, and we encourage bold ambitions, shattering any ceiling in the way, to explore unearthed opportunities.


We do more than make videos. Our content immerses our audiences in an adventure, driven by emotion and purpose, to resonate, and tell a story.

Our Timeline

Present day

June 2023 - Full time

January 2019 - Founded

The business moved from only offering brand and music videos to employer brand, corporate, recruitment, property and social media video content.

After the interruptions of 2020-22, both James quit his job and Terry finished his degree in 2023, taking the company full time in the summer.

Placed together in the same group by their teacher, Eddie, James and Terry quickly realised that their divergent interests complimented each other, united by a shared ambition for success.

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