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"Hearing from happy staff in an employer brand video is the most compelling pull for prospective clients and talent."

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Employer Brand
Video Production

With millions of vacancies in the job market, and business becoming more competitive, it's increasingly important to have an Employer Brand video to 'stand out' from your competition.

It's one thing to say that you have great culture, but it's another when your prospective clients and recruits actually see it in your employer brand video content.

Your Employer Brand video helps you to attract the best talent and win new business, as it visually demonstrates in a more compelling way your culture, values and vision, and - unlike a few words on a website - create palpably more appeal than your competitors.

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Our Employer Brand Videos

Culture Dive

For audiences looking to learn more from your employer brand video, in detail and depth, to understand the culture, work, values and vision of your organisation.

Brief Insight

A fast-paced and energetic employer brand video, taking a quick peek in your organisation, useful for hooking audiences with a brief insight of your people, values and vision.

Landing Pages

To complement your employer brand video, Designed for your homepage to give audiences a flavour of the happy, energetic and inclusive culture of your organisation.

Employer Brand Video Pricing

MEL Research: Culture Dive Employer Brand Video

What staff say about our employer brand videos

This looks so good!

Love it, love it, love it

That's fantastic

wow!  it's amazing

So professional

this is a fantastic video

This is really good

this is class! Great work all

Why have an employer brand video created
by us? 

Increase your retention rates

The number of immediate drop outs will

decrease because they will have a more comprehensive understanding of your organisation thanks to your employer brand video. 

Be ahead of competition

Your rivals are in a sea of conformity, leaving candidates looking at job titles and flexibility. People want more than a job, and an employer brand video enables you to show your candidates how what you offer differs from your rivals.

Promote your culture

You know what your qualities are, but with a standard job ad, candidates only have your word for it. Now, your employer brand video visually legitimises that you don't just talk the talk, you walk the walk.

Increase your appeal

Within just a few seconds of your employer brand video, you are able to demonstrate your values, culture and principals to, that your rivals who advertise on paper aren't able to match.

Improve your cost efficiency

Because your employer brand video enables you to narrow down the candidates you're targeting, you will save your valuable employees time interviewing candidates who you aren't looking for.

Boost recruitment productivity

Most recruiters spend endless time trawling through high volumes of CVs that yield low conversion rates, whereas refined targeting with your employer brand video means you'll only speak to the pool of candidates that you're actually looking for.

Attract the talent you want

You can target your ideal candidate in a more refined way with your employer brand video, cutting through the candidates you don't want, thus saving costs, energy and resources.

What an employer brand video client says

Screenshot 2024-03-22 at 07.44.16.png

"Working with TQ has been a fantastic experience. Terry and James provided a significant degree of face-to-face contact and time, which has been really valuable in ensuring that the final outputs are aligned with the story we wanted to tell about MEL Research. On-site, Terry was professional and put the team, some of whom were nervous about being filmed, at ease. The team at TQ really 'got' what MEL Research is about and we are looking forward to working with them again for any future requirements."

Client Solutions Director, MEL Research

What our employer brand video services involve

Customising your Employer Brand Video

The journey to creating your perfect employer brand video begins with a deep understanding of your organisation's values, vision, and culture. Our team customises each employer brand video to reflect the unique attributes of your company, ensuring it resonates with both current employees and prospective talent.

Strategic development for your Employer Brand Video

Our approach to developing your employer brand video includes meticulous planning, from scriptwriting to storyboarding. This strategy is designed to highlight the strengths of your employer brand, ensuring the video effectively communicates your company’s culture and the benefits of working there.

Professional Filming for Authentic Employer Brand Videos

Capturing the essence of your workplace, our on-site filming sessions are directed by industry professionals. These sessions are key to producing an authentic employer brand video that features real employee stories and showcases the work environment through a genuine lens.

Expert Direction and High-Quality Production

Our expert direction ensures that every employer brand video we produce meets the highest standards of quality and authenticity. From production to post-production, we ensure that your employer brand video accurately represents your company as a top choice for potential employees.

Editing, Branding, and Employee Advocacy

Integrating compelling employee testimonials and aligning with your company's visual identity are crucial steps in editing your employer brand video. This process not only enhances the appeal of your employer brand video but also leverages employee advocacy to attract top talent.

Optimising Employer Brand Videos for Various Platforms

Beyond creating a visually appealing employer brand video, we ensure its versatility across multiple platforms. Whether it's for your website, social media, or job ads, our team adapts your employer brand video to ensure it engages the intended audience wherever they are.

Final Touches to Elevate Your Employer Brand Video

The finishing touches of custom graphics, carefully selected voiceovers, and background music are what set your employer brand video apart. Our meticulous post-production process guarantees that your employer brand video captures and retains viewer interest, effectively communicating your role as a leading employer.


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We do more than just 
Employer Brand videos

Hearing from your staff is the most compelling pull for prospective clients and talent.

Distinguish your brand by showcasing your USP in a compelling way.

Build your audience with music videos and content to convert engagement into money.

Scroll-stopping content that adds value and converts engagement into commercial results.

Editing is time-heavy and complex - you can focus on content creation.

Increase your conversion rates with videography that showcases the best of your property.

Turn moments into lasting impressions and showcase your brand's dynamism.

Preserves moments, capturing the essence of your brand to captivate clients and talent alike.

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